Cat Dang Handicraft Co., Ltd is a 100% owned company, that is operating in the field of manufacturing, exporting and trading. The main products are lacquer products, and lacquer with printing, spraying directly on surface. Formed since 1989, through less 30 years with experience of development, now our products have been exported to many countries all over the world, the main markets are North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Japan. Our customers are global retail corporations.

With years of experience in global production and distribution, we aware that good quality being the most important vital in the business, so that all the raw materials are used in production must be censored rigorously. They have to been guaranteed the best quality before placing on the production lines, and we also apply QCs procedures strictly.

All paints are tested for safety when put into use, all of which pass tests, including tests for products that touchs directly with food such as food trays, bowl, plate... In addition, all types of MDF boards are imported from reputable suppliers around the world. The type we have been using for production  be CARB P2, E1 or E0, they depend on the inquiries of our customers. All raw materials are ensure an inventory, ready for any production requirement plans

We develop on a production basis, beside the products that we manufacture and supply ourselves, we also accept the designs directly from customers, OEM or ODM. Our designers team and production engineers team will receive and discuss with customers to coordinate best solutions, that brings benefits to all parties, and to achieve the same. optimality in the purpose of cooperation.

Nowadays, in the digitals age, to archieve competitive advantages, the enterprises must always take the lead in applying modern technologies in producing. Automation  is the most important condition. It gives us a competitive advantage, so Cat Dang is always researching and applying them in manufacturing steps aiming to reduce costs and unleash labor.

For the next five years, Cat Dang has been trying become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of handicraft and furniture in the region. We will apply green technologies, sustainable material and non-indirect cause damage to the living environment. Moreover, the improvement of workers life and promotion of social activities are also important tasks for Cat Dang, It also contributes an important part in enhancing the position of the Cat Dang.

We have achieved FSC® certification in accordance with FSC-C127699 issued on 6 November 2015, and BSCI certification in 2017. These certs are the results of our determination and pursuit

CEO. Dinh Tuan Thanh