A humble beginning that started in 1989 in a village called Cat Dang located in Nam Dinh Province in the North of Vietnam. A location where the pressed and rolled bamboo originated. Saying less, the reason our company was named after it.


From then until today, we carried on and cultured the traditional lacquering techniques applied to our all products. Maintained 10-12 coatings of lacquering and sanding process to ensure quality and durability. All done by hand, creating a product character that each piece is unique and special. Much more never two pieces are the alike.


In the year 1997, we expanded and add a finishing facility in Ho Chi Minh City which also gave way into supplying the demands for customers who are dealing their programs in the South.


Year 2002 marked another milestone for the company, this when we diversified our product ranges and introduced the use of MDF base material products. Wherein we were able to produce trays, storage and a lot more imaginable effectively.


Modesty aside, we believe that our innovations and creativeness made us become the leader in the industry, always followed but yet had not been overtaken by competitors.


Year 2008, a crucial decision to open a new product category in our line of products, furniture. Such action was considered due to the demand of our ever loyal customers. Their persuasiveness for us to go for it which were backed up by their promise of help and support.


Finally, the company decided to move forward, procured machineries, employed skillful and experienced machinist and work force. Truth to what our customers said, they are the first buyers of our furniture both designed by them and us. You will also see our personal collection in the furniture folder of our website.


We may also say that the implementation of a very organized sales and marketing strategies coming from experts in these fields had helped a lot in the speedy growth of the company. Continuous international show participation in the US, Germany and Asia had contributed a lot in building a good and strong core of business partners and customers.


We will keep this position and will even further enhance it through constant deliberation with experts and professionals and promote better working conditions and benefits to our beloved staffs and workers. Needless to say, further improve our customer relations by collaborating with the customers their experiences with us. Such will help us formulate and have a tailor made business scheme for each of them.


Thank you so much for your time in reading through our history page. We all are looking forward to be servicing you soon or the nearest future. Have fun looking at our enormous and beautiful products and wishing you a cheerful time. Cheers.